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Setting Entertainment Technology is an audio and video distribution company for professional applications: it is intended for the most demanding operators in the audio and entertainment sector in general with a wide range of products to offer only the best performance for high performance and reliability .

The extensive portfolio of products, services and consulting allows us to offer integrated solutions for the application of entertainment technologies.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, Setting Entertainment Technology can develop complete projects related to any audio system. The projects are supported in their phases through all the necessary technical documentation, thus ensuring the optimal dimensioning of the most sophisticated systems, benefiting entirely from the end-user.
Setting Entertainment Technology verifies the end user's specific needs, taking into account the client's goals and needs: the purpose and use of the environment, the type of sound and the functions required for the audio system.
Setting Entertainment Technology is capable of meeting the needs of each type of customer for both audio systems and other systems, such as support structures.
In addition to proper sizing and design, it follows a complete system configuration that includes wiring electronic equipment, providing cables and accessories, accurate measurement and optimization of performance.

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